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December 4, 2017

Tuesday, December 5, 2017
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Two very important items from the 12/4/17 meeting that need your immediate attention.
A. School Sportsmanship Feedback
We are asking you to fill out the "School Sportsmanship Feedback" form on the MHSAA web site after EVERY game you work.  All three officials need to fill out the form.  It takes just a matter of minutes and provides much needed feedback to schools administrators, coaches, and the MHSAA.  
Follow these steps:
1. Go to
2. Use your Log In and Password to access the appropriate pages.
3. Click on "Officials Services" in the gray shaded area on the left hand side of the page.
4. Click on "School Sportsmanship Feedback" near the bottom of the page.
5. Complete the form once for the host school and again for the visiting school.
The "School Sportsmanship Feedback" data is compiled by BCAM in order to recognize those schools and programs who are exemplifying positive sportsmanship.  This is your opportunity to recognize those that are doing things right and also to give constructive feedback to those schools who consistently fall short of our expectations.  Please start using this form after each contest starting tonight.
B. Working Two Games in a Day
Mike Conlin addressed an issue at last night's meeting concerning working multiple games in a day.  There are certain dates in which Mike will need to assign officials more than one game in a day in order to cover all the games being played.  Some of you are very willing to work multiple games while some of you are unable for a variety of reasons.  
If you are NOT able to be assigned a SECOND game on any given day, please CLOSE the date for the CAOA Arbiter group.  Closing the date after you have already accepted your original assignment will not affect the previously assigned game.  It will not turn the date box on your calendar RED either, however, if you look below the calendar on your "BLOCKS" page you will see both the game you accepted AND the block listed.  What this block will do is tell Mike that you are not available to take a second game on that date.
Thank you for your immediate attention to both of the above items. 
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